What people are saying about us:

Margie Barron - Journalist, Tolucan Times
"Jeff & Chad Orr have turned audience participation into an art form.  Their likability creates an instant rapport - A Big Wow!!"

Rita Livingston - Publisher, Sedona - Verde Valley Times
"Two Brothers One Mind are absolutely unbelievable with their fantastic skills!!  Everyone I spoke to agreed."

Gabe Abelson - Writer, Comedian, Mentalist  & Television Producer
"Two Brothers One Mind are tremendous entertainers who present a powerful program of magic and mentalism.  I have worked with other performers also in the field of magic and mentalism, but none have the "wow" factor that Two Brothers One Mind bring to the table.  I give them my highest recommendation!!"

Jeff McBride - World Famous Illusionist
"It was great to have you at WonderGround, I enjoyed our time.  You have a unique act that could really get popular!!"

Jeffrey Stroebel - Head of School, Da Vinci Academy
"It was a great show!  Our students were very engaged, especially in trying to figure out how you could do the amazing things in your presentation.  It had everyone talking after the show!"

Paul Draper - Las Vegas Mentalist
"What a wonderful act! Fun, fast, highly interactive and engaging. The audience will be shouting for Two Brothers One Mind!!"

John Seckel - Associate Director of the Campus Center, St. Norbert College
"I wanted to thank you for a great show!  I've heard a lot of great comments about your performance.  Thanks again for a great show, and hopefully we'll be able to work together again."

Marty Elcan - Director, Film & Television
"I saw Two Brothers One Mind and was blown away.  What a great show!  Great energy and surprises at every turn.  I have no idea how they did it, which made for a very entertaining show.  Highly recommend!!"

Erik Weiner - Writer, Robot Chicken
"From the very beginning I was mind-boggled at their mental abilities and seemingly impossible feats.  Definitely check these guys out!!"

Sean Sobczak - Artist, Sandman Creations
"Fantastic job, you guys rocked it!!  You both have a likable stage presence and really pounded us with some amazing effects.  Everyone loved the show!!