TWO BROTHERS ONE MIND are an extraordinary act that combines Comedy, Mental Magic, and Audience Participation like you've never seen before!! 

Chad & Jeff Orr will attempt to Mentally Transmit your Words, Thoughts, and Images from One-Brother-To-Another!!

Amazingly enough, they can even do this when one of them is out of the room!! 

What do we do?

Chad and Jeff Orr are masters of audience participation. 

Their experiences performing different venues have made them very adaptable to any kind of event.  

For over a decade, the brothers have entertained at casinos, colleges, corporations, fairs and comedy clubs, private engagements as well.!

Using nothing more than some dry-erase boards and a blindfold, the entire act fits in a BRIEFCASE.

The brothers are prepared to perform for small groups to thousands - even surrounded,

Your guest will laugh out loud and be amazed at the same time.

Their show is unbelievably interactive, BUT EASY on the audience - even seated they can still be part of the show!!  See why audiences of all ages enjoy the excitement.

Everyone will witness as the brothers "mentally share" RANDOM THOUGHTS provided by the AUDIENCE.  This happens in real time under the fairest conditions and ends with the brother's signature finale  "The Out of Room Transmission".

Don't look any further. We are the enchanting entertainment you have been seeking.

Let's help make your next event great !!